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I have requested Anne to re-post this message with addtional thoughts I have to convey to all.. It is so rare that I ask of such even, though there are ones, who say they write message from me, I have not asked anyone until now to do so. Thus, today is different, and Anne is only the means of getting my message to you.

Let us begin.

I have with my thoughts created the entire Universe. As Creation, I have no beginning and no ending, for I am eternal. I have made with my loving thoughts all there is, therefore, I am above all there is!

Let us look at the whole of what I have made like breathing in and breathing out. For eons of time I have breathed out, expanding the entire Universe will billions and billions of planets, stars, with untold universes. This expansion now is retracting, with my breathing in to draw everything to me for a rest period.

In essence, I am drawing within to myself all that I have made for a period of rest. After several hundred billions of years at rest I shall breathe out again to expand the Universe with my thoughts.

I have created all there is, meaning all of you ones with a fantastic body to house your created soul to gain soul growth to be ONE with me. That is the goal set for you ones, you human ones on Earth and all living ones upon the untold billions of life-supporting planets in the universe.

To make things clear to you, I tell you that soul growth and learning never ever ends. Your final goal, whether you realize it or not, is to be ONE with me, CREATION, and to be at rest in glory with me so that you can again expand your soul growth even more when that time comes.

I wish all souled beings to be one with me. Is that possible? Yes, it is, for each of you have been given a free-willed soul to choose that upper path.

You ask, what happens to the souled ones, who do not awaiken to Truth and have not followed that upper path to eternal Light? Because this is the last 3D civilization upon Mother Earth all souled ones are Masters, who chose to reincarnate and help Mother Earth throughtheir planned Mission. The handicap they knew and faced was that they wre to reincarnate to this 3D planet with no memory of who they were, and if they did not awaken to their Mission they would again start anew in the cave and live 350,0000 years in 3D physical format until they reach where they left off this present lifestream.

If you have followed the path of LIght, you shall graduate into the Lighed Realms or Heaven, as you call it.

That I why I wish all souled ones to awaken, for many are still slumbering or ignorant of the Truth, and some are following the evil ones right to the place suchas I descibed.

What about Mother Earth, the most beautiful tiny little dirty little planet in the entire Cosmos? She has earned her birthright to a higher dimension where she shall shine like the sun. I thought- created her with all the love I have to make the most beautiful planet ever created. She has housed the evil ones as a jail planet for millennia and now is the time of her glory to be birthed into a fantastic planet where no evil can exist. She now has a different sun and orbit in the Pleiades star Cluster and as she graduates she shall shine like a sun.

Evil only can exist on a 3D planet, and cannot survive in a higher frequency planet of 5th and higher dimensions. If you have not awakened, and your soul flame has not grown, to be placed on a higher frequency planet (5D and up) would be impossible. You would not be able to withstand the high frequency. That is what happened to Lucifer. His frequency level diminished to the point where it was extremely painful for him to survive, so he left and roamed the Cosmos destroying planet after planet.

My glory and honor to those, who have awakened to the Truth and it is my utmost desire that all slumbering ones open their eyes to their mission and carry forth the Light of Truth.

Use this most beautiful day I have given you to that advantage to grow more spiritually. If you are still asleep wake up! Time is running short in 3D.

I give glory and honor to all of that which I have created, even to the tiniest blade of grass. What I have created is for YOU! I LOVE ALL of you souled ones with an undying LOVE.



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Lorraine McNally
Lorraine McNally
Sep 03, 2021

Wow! I just read this now How Amazing!!💕



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