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Greetings to all souls upon Mother Earth and in the entire Cosmos. At this time, I wish to set the record straight from what you in the U.S. are hearing from your blathering ones of the media concerning Ukraine. I do not mean to degrade them in any way, but sorry to say your U.S. media is controlled by the Satanian Minions or the Khazarian Zionist ones, who wish to control the entire Earth. They are totally controlled puppets, as to what they say to the public, and are only repeating what is written for them to say. It has been so for quite some time.

Also, the news about Ukraine has been kept closed by Russia, so the U.S. can only guess what the situation is, and therefore much of what they tell you and the media to say is guess-work. One thing is for sure. They wish to make it look as bad as possible for Putin, whom they hate with a vengeance.

They spew out lies mixed with a wee bit of Truth to the American public to make them totally confused as to what is happening over in Ukraine.

Biden and his minions are working training the people in the U.S. with the Nazi program and totally support the Nazi Regime that has taken control over Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine has suffered under this evil Regime for some time…..Guess who controls YOUR country at this time!!?

What is the Truth? What is really happening with Russia and the Ukraine?

I shall not reveal to you all the information at this time, but I shall explain a few things for you to see the Truth of this situation.

Russia is the ONLY Christian nation in the world at this time. Mr. Putin has met with Hatonn many times, and knows of the Lighted Realms. He is a very enlightened person, and for some time has been upset with the country of Ukraine next to Russia that has toppled to the Nazi Regime.

The people of Ukraine had lost control of their country, and many ones were executed that did not go along with the Nazi system. Many righteous ones of Ukraine had their lives snuffed out, and the situation of terror has reigned to make the people slaves of the Nazi Regime.

Putin decided enough was enough, as some of these Nazi’s wanted to start infiltering Russia with their Regime. They have conquered the U.S., and the main prize of Russian take-over was their next victim.

Putin made the move to take out the Nazi Regime in Ukraine, and to prevent any flow of them to Russia. His pian was to take out the Command Posts, the equipment and all technology of this Regime to make them helpless and without their control unit available to them.

Putin made sure that the people of Ukraine were not targeted, and were told to evacuate, and that arrangements had been made for them to be taken to Poland temporarily for safety.

The U.S. Nazi’s Government tried to control Putin with mind control, but it did not work, as Sananda’s Flock with the help of the Lighted Realms uncreated such evil technology.

Did you know that the evil Ukraine Nazis were all ready to invade and slaughter the ones living in the northern Ukraine Province? Putin invaded just prior to that evil move and stopped those people from being genocided.

I wish to quote a message that was given to Jeff Rense concerning the Truth of the Ukraine invasion. It was posted to Fourwinds yesterday, but you may have missed that article. Herein is what was sent.


Email From Russell Bentley To Rense The Morning Of 3-3-22 Says World Thermonuclear War Can Easily Happen


Hello Bro,

Yes, this thing can very easily go off the rails. The propaganda and demonization is clearly in preparation for a bigger war. All people MUST remember - Russia didn't start this war, and Russia isn't "invading" Ukraine.

This war was started in early 2014 with snipers hired, armed and war has been conducted by the US ever since. Russia is liberating Ukraine from foreign occupation and directed by US agents working under the orders of Biden. And this nazi oppression. Anyone who talks about a Russian "invasion" can do so only in the context of the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. Russia is not going to "take" Ukraine, it is spending its own blood and treasure to give Ukraine back to the Ukrainian people.

This is literally a war between GOOD and EVIL and Russia is NOT the evil one. But those who are trying to destroy Russia truly are. And either the rulers of the US and EU suffer from terminal stupidity, or they are going to destroy their own countries and populations on purpose. If NATO gets in a conventional shooting war with Russia, Russia will crush them like ants. The ONLY other option for these criminally insane bastards is the nuke option. Putin has already said, if the nukes start flying, "We will go to heaven as martyrs, and you will not even have time to repent. You will just be dead."

You will just be dead... If the people of the US and EU allow their masters to start a war with Russia, it will not end well for them. Understand, Russia did not start this war, and we have taken the most extreme measures to minimize the death and destruction associated with this liberation. If the rulers of the US and EU escalate this operation into a regional or global war, it may very well mean the end of life on Earth. Russia will not lose. You have been warned.

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent and may the rest of us get everything we deserve.

Russell 'Texas' Bentley

Second Russell Bentley Email To Jeff 3-3-22

Russia began its military operation one day before the Ukraine army was to begin the invasion and slaughter of the free Republics in the east... Click HERE END QUOTE: Putin met with Creator Source and said that he appreciated all the help that the Lighted Realms and Sananda and his Flock of Lightworkers had done to help. He said that very soon this conflict shall be resolved and ended. He does not want a WWIII. He said that then we can let Mother Earth proceed to her graduation, and we can be at home in the Lighted Realms. Whether you believe what I have told you is of your own determination, as you have a freewill to do so. I am not agreeable to any war, but the Satanian minions in the U.S. and infiltrating throughout the globe of this most precious of planet, shall be in a most unhappy place for their deeds of destruction that include many souled ones. The situation in Ukraine indicates how far the Satanian minions have gone to take over Mother Earth. She has suffered greatly because of the evil deeds done by so many of these evil people, including the world-wide abduction of children, who are used for the maintenance of their physical body. How horrible! I bless all people, even those of evil, for they have strayed from the Truth, and shall reap that which they have sowed. It is hoped that their future lifestreams will be fruitful to eventually bring them back to the Light in the millennias ahead. For many of them, their soul has left and let them function only as a “fleshy envelope” to reap evil upon Mother Earth. This whole scenario shall soon be over, for Mother Earth waits a wee bit longer for this situation to indicate ending. She is anxious to move to her graduation and that shall be! What can you do to help? You can stay strong, centered and calm, with much reading and meditation with the Lighted Realms. Be sure to say those Petitions, especially the new one about WAR, on the top of the whole world to say. SALU to all souls and my Flock. I AM ESU IMMANUEL “JESUS” SANANDA AMEN!


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