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Great show regarding 'Who's Telling the Truth?". Right on about Elena... Early on I picked up that she was controlled by something. Excellent information, and so glad to know about Gene Decode and 1, 2, 3 Jaco - so crazy... even Kent Dunn and David Wilcock.

I am so glad to hear about Brad Johnson though - good guy.

I cannot believe Andre's cable box fried after the house clearing show!

After I cleared my own home then I helped an elderly woman clear hers too because she had been having heavy feelings of suicide. Her apartment felt lighter/happier, and more importantly, so did she!

vicky mihelic
Rose Urdank
Sharon McEntyre
vicky mihelic
06 de fev. de 2022

Great show and you have to be careful of who you listen too. Always follow your heart and intuition. If you have contact with your cosmic family you can listen to them too. I do with mine. Andres never steered me wrong. I did follow the MJ not saying her name she is on you tube she is always about AI and numbers and saying the numbers to deprogrammed from the old a I and new numbers on the new a I. For two shows and felt something off. Stop listening to her. It’s all spiritual through Christ consciousness. I don’t consent of any dark entities in my home or near me.



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