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HATONN: Greetings to all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Earth Shan. Your help is greatly needed at this time. I SPEAK, AS THE CREATOR OF THE NEBADON UNIVERSE, AND GIVE GREAT HONOR TO CREATION, WHICH IS ABOVE ALL.

As you know, the Lightworkers with the help of the Lighted Realms of planet Earth Shan of the Nebadon Universe have uncreated the evil demons from Earth Shan. However, there is still residue, left that needs to be uncreated, as well. I speak not for Mother Earth but include all the planets where Lucifer/Satan has damaged or destroyed.

There are untold delegations from planets in the Cosmos, who are also reading this information and so I speak to them as well. They are wondering what and how this uncreation of Lucifer has happened, so I shall explain the work that must be done now by everyone, including all you ones watching and learning from the Cosmic view. I speak now as Creator of the Nebadon Universe, but I ,also, speak to all delegations and even one who have had no damage done to their home planet. Your help is needed, as well.

Around 80,000 years ago an evil foreign entity was sent to Earth. Perhaps your planet has had the same experience. It is called the BLACK GOO. It is like liquid tar that can grow into a demon by feeding off of hate, anger and anything negative that is given off by in soul of any of the planets in to entire Cosmos. It cannot be just totally uncreated, as there is residue. It must be removed down to the last molecule. for it can still grow back with negative food given off by those souled ones.

How in the world can this be done? We of the Lighted Realms cannot interfere but we can help, if asked. How do you uncreate this BLACK GOO?

Let me tell you this. It is in EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. This means it taints the air you breathe, the water you drink the food you eat and every thing made i.e. body creams, makeup, and anything a person uses to live.

It permeates every blade of grass, tree, and everything in the environment. It can be uncreated ONLY by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Now, I shall give some main direction to all souled ones on Earth, as well as any planet that has gathered here to find out what has happened. Here are some simple directions to follow:

1. It starts with YOU, each individual. Go within and list all the addictions you have or things to need to deal with regarding you. Be honest with yourself and ask the Lighted Realms of your Universe to uncreate these unwanted addictions. Love your self unconditionally. You are a beautiful one created by CREATION and must know what a wonderful body has been given you to house your soul. Clear yourself often and above all love yourself with unconditional LOVE.

2. When you have done this, give unconditional LOVE to those about you, and then to your loving planet, and other planets where Lucifer has resided. Do this often!

This BLACK GOO can be uncreated only by unconditional LOVE.

Even if one molecule is left it can grow into a being of hate. I speak to all here watching, but I add that I speak, also, to the Lightworkers of Sananda’s Flock. ALL OF you watching, also, have a responsibility to your own planet and know that Lucifer/Satan in his wiles has lived off of this BLACK GOO. You can rid it from you and your planet if you give it unconditional LOVE.

Do not forget, my Lightworkers and you still sleeping one not awakened to the truth, it is your responsibility as well!

My great blessing to all. Take heed of this most important message.






HATONN: Greetings to all my Lightworkers and to all souled beings. My scribe has not been feeling well and thus did not post a message for yesterday. However, she feels better today, so we shall proceed as planned.

I want you still-sleeping ones to know how much you are loved by all the Lighted Realms. We have, as well as the 200 Star NationS and all the Masters, have watched over you even though you do not realize it. We long for you to wake up for time is almost up for you to do so. We hope and pray for a glimmer, a tiny spark of life to burst forth in any one of you.

My message to the Lightworkers Is the same. How much you are cherished and watched over by the Lighted Realms. I commend those ones, who are helping get rid of the dark energies that have occupied Mother Earth for millennia. This is the only planet that has been the home of untold numbers of demons. They have tempted almost all souled ones to their side and they are not about to let their home be swept from them. However, they have no choice, for the frequencies of Mother Earth shall zoom into the Realms of Light where evil cannot exist. That environment would be extremely painful to the high frequencies of Light; therefore evil is not

allowed to exist in that environment.

As I said, there are a number of souled ones, who have gained great soul growth among my flock that are assisting in the riddance of these demons. If you remember the video and photo of one of these demons posted in a recent Sananda message, you will see how enormous these demons are that have tramped around snatching anyone, who is willing to let them reside in YOU.

I shall herein have Anne bring that photo and video clip again for you to see.

/resources/uploads/files/Fallen Angel or demon.mp4

This photo gives a glimmer of their size, but I say to you that they are much taller than this imaginative photo. None-the-less you can see the difference in their height to the automobiles traveling on the road below.

Do you see that which you are fighting? The demons think that have captured nearly all souled ones, for the majority of souled Masters are still slumbering. The demons want them kept that way. To whom do they cherish most to capture now?

Ah, yes! You know the answer even before I tell you. They are after you of mine and Sananda’s flock! Even at this most precious ending time they are plotting a way to capture you. They put stumbling blocks before you to distract you. It could be a sickness, or a family situation where the spouse is not on the same page as you. Any distraction to take your attention from reading the Journals is their delight.

You are my flock as well as Sananda. You must remain strong and stay on the Red Road of Truth. Do much reading a meditation to feed your soul. Clear the dark energies from around you that would tempt you to be on their side. You have all the help heaven can allow, and that is great! I know you Lightworkers are almost totally exhausted, so get enough rest.

We all of the Lighted Realms stand behind you to help in any way we can when you ask. Ask often, and clear yourself to hear our message to you. We hold you most dearly in our heart!

Time si short now, for the most ferocious of the demon leaders are about to be “gon-fon-ski”. They are afraid and furious. However, GOD WINS! Since I am Creator God Aton AND WITH YOUR HELP WE SHALL WIN!!



Grant Tony Thompson Jr.♾💫✨
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