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Creator God Aton of Light says Phoenix Journal number 27 entitled, “Phoenix Operator-Owner Manuel” is the most important book on planet Earth today, because it explains in detail the eighteen Laws of God and Creation.

Have you read these laws for human living? Do you understand them? Living them in real life, here and now, to the best of your ability is your ticket to living your next lifestream in Paradise, a place where no evil is allowed---Heaven!

In Phoenix Journal number 7 entitled, “The Rainbow Masters”, Creator God Aton is presenting a summary of these eighteen Laws again, urging us to learn them and live them, if we desire to live our next life in a better place and not return to another third dimension school house for our lessens, where evil rules the day.

Our true self is our soul. We (our soul) returns on the Great Wheel of Reincarnation, lifestream after lifestream, until we learn to truly live these eighteen Laws of God and Creation. Only then can we graduate to Par8dise. We choose the time by our lifestyle, here and now.

Grant Tony Thompson Jr.♾💫✨
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