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I am Esu Immanuel Sananda speaking at this time to give a message to all of my enlightened ones. Of course, my message is to all those, who are seeking Truth. I am sad to say, my dear friends, that my a"flock" includes a very few, who have come to the Truth on Planet Earth this very day, February 2- 2-22 .

The pathway to enlightenment is strewn with rocks and boulders, ruts and mountains, for the lessons all of you agreed to do are now coming to a close. However, lessons do not end until you are beamed aboard the ships to safety. That, my dear ones, is imminent.

There is not much time, but this last lesson is for ALL of you. YES, I said ALL of you. It is a simple last lessona to learn if you have not already done so.

In this last lifetime you have met and become friends with people, but you have, also, encountered those, who chide you, speak badly of you or become a taker and not a giver. You have had experiences that make you angry, resentful and hateful to that person, who harmed you, not physically but emotionally. You feel hurt and mad. Some of you may have kept these bad energies inside of you for years.

It is now time for you to learn one last lesson, if you have not already done so. This lesson is made of two important, if not the most important words in the world. They are: LOVE and FORGIVENESS.

This baggage of hurt etc. needs to be throw in the garbage for eternity. You certainly cannot change the past, nor can you live in the future. You have only today.


1. Forgive those who have harmed you. Most likely, if they are still in physical format, they will respond in the same manner.

2. Forgive yourself.

3. Ask God to forgive you.

4. Above all throw that baggage you have been carrying far too long in the eternal garbage can.

It does not matter if the one, who harmed you has passed, or you do not know where this person lives nor the phone number. If you do know the person then tell him/her. You have lots of ways to communicate: personal contact, phone, letter, email, and your thoughts , if that person is deceased.

Remember lessons never stop until you are aboard ship. This last lesson is the most important.

When should you do this? Now, this very moment you read this message. There is little time left for this last civilization is at its very end, just like the 20,000 civilizations before this last one.

Why is this last civilization so important, as to have 200 Star Nations observing Mother Earth turning on her axis? She is graduating into 5th Dimension after living 4.5 billion years in 3rd dimension.

You know that you are ALL returned Masters, who volunteered to come back, knowing the high stakes involved. Find truth = lessons learned, great soul growth and graduation to the High Realms. Throw Truth way or not awaken = go back to the cave and start all over for 350,000 years of 3D learning.

I assure you even at this point of Truth that you have found, this last lesson is the most important one to learn.

My love to all of you. I know you shall heed this lesson, for it is easy to do and it grants you eternal peace within. The joy you shall feel after this lesson learned shall be unbelievable.

My LOVE to all of you, I AM


Sharon McEntyre


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