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Hi guys and girls!

I'm wel and good i had lots of computer problems so i'haven't been able to log in here and to come to the clinics since they have started in October nor even able partispiate in them.

I was dong detoxing instead spendig the time been on social media or internet.

I was fasting with water for18 straight day plus 4 days soup brow fasting, to get to the normal diet for eating, I lost 20 Kg become very slim, but during the start of the fasting during for the Solictise i developet touth infection, so it was anoying me, during fast i could not sleep nor even relax, but i didn't give up my fasting.

I was between two realities 3 D and 5D. I couold easylie communicate with my guides, angels, masters, I was on the treshold that I've could easly been trasmitted to 5D.I thought to my self that my guides were prepring me, been constantly around me, also they didn't want me to sleep so i had to mediate for rest of the night and i didn it every day.

I was watching the sun with naked eyes during the day straight into the Corona it was blue not yellow. So i've noticed this is not our real Sun. I was constantly on ships almost everyday, i relly enjoyed even though been in a Safe Mode that is how you feel, when you fast, becuse all your recourses are in the minimum working order. I was seen auras on trees, people animals, In the windows i was sen rainbow colours around the frames.

I wanted to continue for 30 Days Fast but the infection on my touth become severe that i develped an abscess on my gum.

I had to break the fast and go to a dentist even gone there they could not work on me because i didn't get Antibiotix to minimuse the infection, I insisted that i will not ever and i don't intend to put poison from Big Pharma in my body.

Affer exemination of my touth

They send me a shocking payment plan suggestiong 2 things:

Root Canal or Extraction with surgery, The procedures were supose to be 2 hour min. I said! No way I will let you put antesthetic in my body and work on me for 2 hours.

They wanted to chage me $2000 AUD either to do root canal or extraction with surgery.

I Did Not Concent for non of it.

We had a lot of issues with Internet as well after the earthquackes near Melbourne Australia even the reh scale been 6.1 or 5.8 i cause a lot of disruption on the Telicominication Industry.

I'm back with full armour of Prime Creator ready to step in bettle to help my fellow HUmans journey back home.



Haribol Niay Gor, Nitay Gor Haribol


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144 Klub
Dec 15, 2021

Bobby I hope everything is ok let me know what happen with the other issue you have



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