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Hello brothers and sisters, we can use the following prayer for Mother Earth:

By my Great God Spirit within and with Unconditional Love I so order to uncreate all evil, Satanian, demonic negativity, including all residual residue, black goo, negative feelings from everything, everybody, everywhere from first, second, third and fourth dimensions associated with all aspects of Mother Earth and all infected planets, internal, external, all elements, animal life and inhabitants. I, also, petition to clear and un-create permanently any ego and any related negative terminology.

With Unconditional Love, i uncreate any evil Satanian Empire that may still exist from all solar systems represented including Earth's Apsu system's sun and moon, and all moons and sun's within each Solar system represented here at this time. With Unconditional Love I send healing to every souled being on all planets within the Solar System in which each of us live. I include any other planet and their people anywhere in the Cosmos that has been damaged by Lucifer/Satan and is not represeted by delegation the same. May all negativity of all aspects and all encompassing, be uncreated and cease to exist totally and permanently within heaven’s sequence, the Divine will of God and my Mighty I AM PRESENCE.

May all listed above be surrounded with the White light of the Lighted Realms, Sananda’s Golden Light, St Michaels’s Blue Light of protection, Hilarion’s Green Light of healing and above all our Unconditional Love. May this be done totally and permanently within heavens sequence, the Divine will of God IN SANANDA'S NAME AND my I AM PRESENCE. Amen.

Grant Tony Thompson Jr.♾💫✨
Lorraine McNally
Big Momma
Lorraine McNally
Lorraine McNally

Beautiful ! Thank you for this💕



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