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Greetings to all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Earth. I have called upon Anne to pen a message today for all of you of Sananda' Flock and souled ones upon earth Shan.

The title of my message comes from an album of music sung by the The Medical Mission Sisters some years ago. I wanted to pen this message in honor of Anne and Patrick who have sung this song many times in public. The message is apropos at this very ending time of the last 3D civilization on Planet Earth.

It is most appropriate that you read the words and hear the lyrics of this music. Below are the words and the link to the song sung by The Medical Mission Sisters, who are most precious to the Lighted Realms..

The Wedding Banquet Lyrics

[CHORUS]- I cannot come,

I cannot come to the banquet,

Don't trouble me now,

I have married a wife,

I have bought me a cow,

I have fields and commitments,

That cost a pretty sum,

Pray hold me excused

I cannot come.


1- A certain man held a feast

On his fine estate in town.

He laid a festive table,

He wore a wedding gown,

He sent out invitations

To his neighbors far and wide,

But when the meal was ready

Each of them replied:



2- The master rose up in anger

Called his servants by name, said

Go into town, fetch the blind and the lame

Fetch the peasant and the pauper

For this I have willed:

My banquet must be crowded,

And my table must be filled.



3- When all the poor had assembled

There was still room to spare,

So the master demanded:

Go search everywhere.

Search the highways and the by ways,

And tell them to come in

My table must be filled

Before the banquet can begin.



4- Now God has written a lesson

For the rest of mankind:

If we are slow in responding

He may leave us behind.

He is preparing a banquet

For that great and glorious day,

When the Lord and Master calls

Us be certain not to say:



Here is the link to the entire album the first song is The Banquet

What is so important about Earth? Over the eons of time that Lucifer/Satan has occupied this lovely planet, the evil has taken over almost completely, making havoc for the entireCosmos with negative and evil frequencies disturbing all that has been created. For that reason I, as Creator God Aton of Light and the Creator of Mother Earth, it was necessary to provide help to the Earth people. who were caught in the net of lie and deceit, and had forgotten their heritage of Light.

I call this evil the Satanian Empire. They have lured souled ones to their side by offering them anything then wanted they could have. The most powerful thing to have is money! Money to buy anything you wanted. Life was to enjoy all the materialistic possession anyone could want. They programmed all on the “boob tube” with fine words music and beautiful people. You could buy anything for a price….cars. houses, have a dream home, with all the necessities of life to lure you to buy, buy, spend, spend, and have all with your god of money! It is the lust of greed and power that have snared may a soul.

Why are you upon Earth in the first place? The real you is an eternal soul. You only put on a physical body to learn soul growth. Most souled ones have been taught the lie that there is only ONE planet in the universe that has life o it….Earth. If you live any way you want, you can be forgiven by a person that was crucified and all your sins are wiped away. You have no responsibility for what you have done and can be lifted off to the pink clouds and live happily ever after.

No, my dear ones. You are responsible for every action you do. You will judge yourself whether how well you have lived the Laws of God and Creation

I cannot do it for you. No-one can do it for you. It is You, and YOU alone, that determines whether you are at the banquet, meaning you passed the test to graduate to the Higher Realms. (heaven) or not, and must return to more lifestreams in a different physical body to learn those lessons.

No one can force you or make you do anything. You are in control of you, and it is you, the soul, that is real, and not the “fleshy envelope” you are wearing to house your soul. You all have had many different physical bodies to house your soul as you learn soul growth. It takes thousands of lifestreams to gain soul growth and be at the banquet (Lighted Realms)

I have given you a guide to use, if you so wish to read them. They can if you but read, show you the way of soul growth for that s what you are: an eternal soul clothed in a physical body to house your soul and grow to a mighty Lighted Being.

My hope and joy that even at this very last few hours, and perhaps a very few days left before Mother Earth births to a higher dimension, to tell all souled ones that the banquet door is wide open. Come on in! You Lightworkers, keep clearing and steady as you make your way to the banquet.

I am here, as all the Lighted Realms are, with open arms to welcome you to the Banquet!



Lorraine McNally
Lorraine McNally
Lorraine McNally
Aug 16, 2021

Thank you for this important message👋❤️



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