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1. I AM one with The Almighty Creator/Source.✨

2. I AM one with my Infinite Self.💫

3. I AM fulfilling my Pleiadian Spiritual Mission now to unify, protect, and guide others!✨

4. I AM recalibrating and realigning my energy system into my highest Spiritual Essence and Divine Blueprint now!💫

5. I AM fully connected and beautifully aligned with the three-fold flame within my heart.✨

6. I AM vibrating in my highest frequency and truth now!💫

7. I AM communicating clearly with my multidimensional Self, the Guardians, enlightened Angels, Cosmic Guides and Ascended Masters.✨

8. I AM radiating unconditional love and harmony to ALL humanity and animals now!💫

9. I AM receiving my spiritual directives to fulfill my divine purpose now!✨

10. I AM fully stepping into my life’s work and doing what I AM here to do!💫

11. I AM glowing in inner illumination!✨

12. I AM a fully awakened, multidimensional, conscious Spiritual Being!💫

13. I AM communicating clearly with my Infinite Self in each and every now moment.✨

14. I AM one with Divine Clarity and Pure Understanding.💫

15. I AM living my truth and standing in my empowerment now!✨

16. I AM one with Infinite Wisdom and Divine Intelligence.💫

17. I AM Unconditional Love.✨

18. I AM Light and the light is with me.💫

19. I AM wholeness.✨

20. I AM peace.💫

21. I AM compassion.✨

22. I AM full of gratitude in each and every now moment!💫

23. I am in a 5D frequency of enlightenment, love, joy, and peace.✨

24. I am requesting the most benevolent timeline for the entire multiverse and believe I am in it the highest possible timeline.💫

25. I am one of the 144,000 starseed light workers that is raising the frequency of the planet.✨

26. I am a multidimensional high vibrational being who part of the Ashtar Command.💫

27. I am a master with energy. I easily transmutate low vibrational energy and heal others.✨

28. I am going on the ship and visiting my star-family.💫

29. I am worthy of abundance in every area of my life.✨

30. I am free of addictive low vibratory behaviors and emotions. 💫

31. I am a powerful manifestor of what I want. 1111✨✨

32. Flow and synchronicity is a common everyday occurrence for me. 💫

33. I am getting constant light codes and integrating/ updating them into the very best possible version of me.✨

34. I am on the Hero's Journey and am going to be victorious.💫

35. I am at zero point consciousness and see the beauty in all living things.✨

36. I am integrating my dark and light along with the masculine and feminine energies together. 💫💫💫💙

37. I am connected with all things and of the service to others agenda.💙✨✨✨

vicky mihelic
Jun 14, 2021

I used this format in meditation at the park under the shade tree today. It’s uplifting. Thank you 🙏



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