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Sorry, folks! Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Adrian Rogers, and many other Christian spokespersons are telling you lies about the end times. When Mother Earth makes her transition, (tips on her axis), nothing physical will matter. Only the Spiritual will matter.

Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda is not physically returning to Planet Earth. He will remain aboard the Phoenix, the Command Ship for the Pleiadian Starfleet. No one will be swept up into the clouds to go somewhere, as Christianity preaches. There will be Lift-Off to the waiting ships, the children up to the age of 6 or 7. Their age limit is based upon their innocence of knowledge. They will pass through a beam of Light to reach the ships. The Lightworkers go next. A beam of Light will appear for anyone who chooses to board, even though their frequencies may be lower than that of the beam of Light. They may be injured or even die physically, but they will be received on the Astral Plane where their true self (their soul) will determine their next lifestream. All of this happens within 15 minutes.

Everything physical on Planet Earth shall be swept away by the seas. Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, Creator God Aton and all the Lighted Masters shall greet you aboard the Phoenix Command ship. The Phoenix Command Ship is three and a half times larger than Mother Earth. You will be taken to the Astral Plane (4th Dimension) to judge yourself against the Laws of God and Creation. If you pass your tests you will go on to Heaven (5th Dimension). If not, you will determine where you go for your next lifestream experience in 3rd Dimension.

Jesus is not going to “save you”! That is all a lie from the writings of Paul. You save yourself by living the 18 Laws of God and Creation, as best you can. The 18 Laws of God and Creation are found in Phoenix Journal number 27 in detail. They are, also, on the Homepage of

Lift-Off is soon! May you be ready!



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