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To all Members I’m very excited to announce our 144KLUB Membership privet page where I will have live Feeds as a” Tales from the Ship” (Uncensored) with different Speakers , all this shows will be record in Zoom and will be posted in this page ONLY. wont be posted anywhere else!! will be exclusive for 144Klub page , all videos will be free to watch on the page with the Membership , and will be for sale if any member will be interested in purchase those. Also the Membership will include all the 144Klinics That we will offer with Instructors as a Kimberly Ridgeway ,Jesse Hal , Crystal Calleach ,Karen Macdonald just to mention some of them, membership will include the Cosmic Library and the Member blog the membership is only $7.77 every month you can choose to pay monthly or pay for the full year you can cancel a any time Im working on the page to add the membership payment icon in the main time you can use my payment methods to register , if you pay trough my payment accounts please add name and last name so i can keep track , thank you .

payment options.

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ZELLE with email ‪

With Cash App user name ($144Andy )


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