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Im Stone Hobbit, I reside on the bit of left over land of Lemuria Now called New Zealand.

I work in Transmuting Experiences of Trauma, Braking Generational Programs, Introducing Self and Inner Standing with Encouragement and Compassion. I stand for Truth.

Navigating Energy Signatures, Reading Frequencies, De-programming forms of Spell Castings and Exploring the Multi Dimensions, Time lines, Alters, the Connections to the Organic Harmonics and Finding commonalities

and Identifying forms of Communication.

Our Self a conscious portal in a symbiotic Organic relation ship.

I am a lifelong Experiencer and Survivor from Abductee to Contactee, Ambassador, Walk-In and Hybrid.

As a Multi Dimensional Energy, I have ongoing Encounters with Walk-ins, Multi Dimensional Beings, Orbs, Plasma Spheres, Light beings, Parasitical entities, Greys, Reptilians, Shape shifters, Ghost and Residual Energies,

Shadow Beings. With regular craft sightings, Night Terrors and Outer body experiences.

Thank U for taking the time to read my Bio.

Stone Hobbit of Hearth Fire

Stone Hobbit of Hearth Fire

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